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Users, Portals & Members

Accessing Portals

Preview your Portals

Before connecting a domain and publishing a project with full authentication, you can create a version and use access tokens to let people login (as themselves, or as others).

To see a portal in preview, click on it and then click the open in preview button.

Access Tokens

Tokens are preconfigured for a specific user and can be used to login while in preview mode. You can give them to clients to let them see how their project works before deploying to production, or you can share them to actual users to create small scale portals in preview mode. The Login As modal will appear when any login buttons are clicked, and prompt for a token to be provided.


Demo mode

Enabling demo mode will display all the access tokens you setup in a list so anyone can choose a token to login. This is useful for demos and templates where you want anyone to be able to pick a test user and login to see how your system behaves.

Untitled 1.png


Workarounds for Basic Plans*

The full authentication is only available in pro plans - but if you don't want to upgrade you can still have portal-like features using some other methods.

Share Access Tokens

You can just create tokens manually for smaller user groups, add them to the corresponding records in Airtable - then send them out via email. It's a bit fiddly but it will work as a short-term proof of concept and can easily be switched to full authentication later.

Find a Record with a Query

Create a public page with all the content hidden. Then, ask the user to input a value and use it to fetch records. If the user enters a matching value, a record will be returned and can be set active. You can treat this record as the user’s record - but this is not a recommended method. It’s completely different from typical authentication, will not be persistent between pages or sessions - and cannot easily be upgraded in future.

Custom Domain Login

To use portals in production, with full authentication - you will need to connect a to the project (which requires a pro plan). After that’s done, just visit your custom domain to see the user system in action.

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