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Forms and Sending

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Add Records

Form to add records with a submit button.

To create a traditional form with inputs and a submit button, that adds a new record to your database.

Insert the Add Record components

Because the components will all be configured with the same purpose, they will appear as a single form group in the action that submits the form.

Untitled 7.png

Create the submit button

Add a component (usually a button) the user can click when they’re ready to send the form.

Untitled 8.png

Apply a Submit Form Action

Add the action to the button so that when it’s clicked the action will run.

Untitled 9.png

A one-click button that creates a record.

Create the button or component

Add a component, that will have the on click action.

Untitled 10.png

Apply a Send Data Action

The send data action doesn’t require a form, it sends a hidden payload you can define with variables.

Untitled 11.png

Map Variables

Variables can be passed as values in the send data action.

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