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"An attachment url is disallowed" Send email action in Airtable Automations

What does the "An attachment URL is disallowed" error mean?
This error occurs when attempting to send an email via Airtable Automations, and the URL for an attachment is not accepted. This can be due to several reasons, including URL format, security settings, or recent updates to Airtable's platform.
What are common causes of this error?
Invalid URL Format: The URL for the attachment may not be correctly formatted or recognized by Airtable.
Security Restrictions: Airtable may block URLs from certain sources for security reasons.
Recent Updates: Platform updates can change how URLs are processed and validated, leading to previously working URLs being rejected.
Timing Issues in Automation: The "Send email" action may run before the previous action regarding the attachments is completed, causing the URL to be unavailable or incorrect at the time of email sending.
How can I fix the "An attachment URL is disallowed" error?
Here are several steps and solutions suggested by Airtable community members:
Check URL Validity:
Ensure the URL is correctly formatted and accessible. Try opening the URL in a browser to verify it works.
Example: A community member found that correcting the URL format resolved their issue .
Use Airtable Attachments:
Instead of using external URLs, upload the attachment directly to Airtable and use the generated Airtable URL in your automation.
This was a successful workaround for several users .
Avoid Certain URL Shorteners:
URLs from some URL shorteners or non-trusted sources might be blocked. Try using a direct link instead of a shortened URL.
Update Attachment Handling:
Following recent Airtable updates, reconfigure your automations to align with new handling rules for attachments.
One user mentioned that after a recent update, reconfiguring the automation to handle attachments differently resolved the issue .
Ensure Proper Timing in Automations:
Make sure that the "Send email" action runs only after the previous action regarding the attachments has fully completed. Adding delays or conditions can help ensure the proper sequence.
This was a common issue discussed where ensuring proper sequencing resolved the problem .
Check for Known Bugs and Updates:
Sometimes the error might be due to a bug introduced in a recent update. Checking the Airtable community or support for any announcements about such bugs can provide a temporary workaround or a fix.
An instance was noted where the error began appearing post-update and a rollback or further updates were expected to resolve it .
Contact Airtable Support:
If none of the above solutions work, reaching out to Airtable support can provide specific guidance and help resolve the issue.
Can I use external file storage services for attachments?
Yes, but ensure the URLs are publicly accessible and not restricted by security settings. If Airtable continues to disallow the URLs, consider using Airtable's built-in file storage.
Are there any best practices to avoid this error in the future?
Regularly Test Automations: Periodically test your automations, especially after platform updates.
Use Airtable's Native Features: Prefer using Airtable's native attachment handling features when possible.
Stay Informed About Updates: Follow Airtable's community and release notes to stay updated on any changes that might affect automations.
By following these steps and recommendations, you can troubleshoot and resolve the "An attachment URL is disallowed" error in Airtable Automations effectively.
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