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Application Hosting & Framework

For the more technically minded nocoder, here are some of the technical details of how we deploy your applications.

Built with React / Next JS & Hosted on Vercel

Next.js is a popular open-source framework for building modern web applications using React. What makes Next.js great is its combination of powerful features that streamline development, improve performance, and enhance SEO capabilities.

Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG): Next.js provides built-in support for both SSR and SSG, enabling us to choose the optimal rendering approach for different parts of your application. SSR enhances initial page load times and SEO by rendering pages on the server and delivering fully hydrated content to the client, while SSG generates static HTML files at build time, improving performance and reducing server load for frequently visited pages.

Serverless Deployment: Your deployment will be hosted on Vercel, using serverless technology - so if you experience a sudden increase in traffic their system automatically handles server provisioning and load balancing to scale up resources instantly. Next.js works seamlessly with Vercel, allowing for easy deployment of your application to a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This results in faster loading times and improved reliability for users across the world.

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