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Burger Menu for mobile view

How do I create a burger menu for mobile view?
To create a burger menu for mobile view, follow these steps:
Select Mobile View:
In the top right corner of your interface, select the mobile view option (indicated by a phone icon). ​
Activate Conditional State and Hide Menu Components:
Activate the conditional state feature. ​
Change the visibility of the blocks/components used for the menu to "hidden" when the screen size is set to "Phone". ​
Remove 'Screen is Phone' Condition:
Temporarily remove the "Screen is Phone" condition.
Add a Drawer Component:
From the Layout group, add a Drawer component to your project. ​
Change the Drawer’s visibility to "hidden".
Add Button and Menu Components to the Drawer:
Inside the Drawer, add a Button component with the icon you want to use for the burger menu. ​
Below the Button, add the components that will serve as the menu items inside the Drawer.
Reactivate 'Screen is Phone' Condition:
Reactivate the "Screen is Phone" condition.
Change the Drawer’s visibility to "visible". ​
By following these steps, you can effectively create a functional burger menu for mobile view that enhances user navigation.
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