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Collaborate with other Users

Collaborate with other Users

You can allow other users to take various roles in your project by opening the sharing controls, adding and copying the link. When a user joins the project you will see them under the members listing.

Allow Duplication

You can allow others to duplicate your project as a template by enabling the duplicate option, then choosing what they can duplicate.

Untitled 1.png

If you choose Project and Data, don’t forget to enable copying of bases (below).

Enable Copying bases

If the user is duplicating Project and Data, the system will prompt them to copy the base during the duplication process.

To do this you will need to share each base in Airtable
Untitled 2.png

Make sure you share publicly and allow viewers to copy data.
Untitled 3.png

Copy the link, and paste it to the base options in Aeropage.

Untitled 4.png

Transfer Ownership

You can transfer ownership to another user after adding them to the project as any role.

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