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Dynamic Tools and APIs

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Creating Tools

Connect Data

Before you begin, make sure you have connected data to the project and ideally also setup your theme and branding - though you can update this later too.

You can also from


Create your Tool

To create a new tool just click the (+) on the tools branch of your project, and choose which type of tool you want to create.


At the bottom of the list is an import option - where you can copy your designs from the system.

Untitled 1.png

Give your new tool a label to describe its purpose - and which theme you want to use.


Choose which data source you want to connect to this tool - as most are dynamic they need a data source to fetch records from.


After a moment, your new tool will appear at the bottom of the branch. You can select it and open the editor.


Tools Editor UI

In the editor - the interface will depend on the type of tool you’re making. The common UI is below - refer to the knowledgebase for specific resources.


Refresh data, data manager, tool settings etc.
Choose which record you want to preview in the editor.
Add and organize components to create your design.
Control the overall layout, wrappers and background.
Preview, publish and export your tool in various ways.

Return to the Dashboard

To exit the editor and return to the project dashboard click the icon at the top left.

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