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Aeropage Documentation

Create a Dynamic Email

To create or import a new dynamic email, follow the instructions on .

Design / Template Library

When your project first opens, or when clicking the libary button - you will see some premade templates you can use as a starting point. After adding a template you will need to remap the variables to match your data source.


Layout Style

In the main container there are layout options that you can use to style your emails. You can also turn on a wrapper and select a background color from your theme.

Do not enable wrapper when using Airtable’s send an email step, as it already adds a wrapper.


Add Components to the Design

Within each tool you will find a left sidebar to add components, many of the tools share the same components so we have listed them .


Publish & Preview

As you make changes, the publish button will appear at the top right. To save and publish click this button.

Untitled 3.png

Once published you can preview your design, and follow the next steps to use it in your automations.

Untitled 4.png

If you’re sending using external APIs and scripts you will want to switch this option off.

See the API Response

If you are using an external automation system such as Make, Zapier or Mailersend (or any other API) you may find it helpful to see the actual API endpoint and response. You can do so by clicking the <> icon from the editor. Replacing the record id at the end of the url will allow you to programatically fetch the same HTML template for different records in your automations or scripts.

Untitled 6.png


If you have a result like shown below, the most common cause is a missing configuration option to prevent Airtable automations mistaking HTML formatting for markdown.


To fix this just switch on the Send with Airtable option.


Send with Airtable

Being an Airtable connected system, the most common use case is to send with Airtable automations.

Untitled 5.png

Zapier or

For more advanced users, you may wish to use the Dynamic HTML in other automation systems. Refer to the guides below…

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