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Queries and Filters

Filter by Dynamic Paths

When adding a dynamic page directly connected to another dynamic page - you will be prompted to apply a filter by relationship.


This will apply a filter automatically (based on data relationships) to pages higher in the path.

Linked Records & Relationships

Airtable records in different tables can be related to each other, and a user can navigate these relationships by clicking each linked record, seeing the related records in the corresponding table, and so on. This is essentially the same concept as a dynamic path, where the relationships between tables is predefined, but the path a user chooses is dynamic.

Untitled 1.png


If we are starting with a customer (on a portal branch) we can allow them to only see a list of their own orders by adding a relationship between the orders page and the customer record. We continue to apply relationships between each dynamic page, from orders to items and item to product. The result is similar to the airtable example but can be viewed as a webpage.

Untitled 2.png

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