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Manage Domains with Cloudflare

Though this step is not critical, it is highly recommended for anyone managing multiple websites and domains over various projects. The benefits of using cloudflare are numerous, with no negative impacts.

After connecting cloudflare, go to SSL / TLS settings and switch to Full (Strict) mode, after a few minutes everything should work again.

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To connect your domains to Cloudflare, follow these steps:

Create a free cloudflare account and add a new site.
They will give you two nameservers.
Login to your domain registrar and change each domain to use Custom DNS.
Point the domains to Cloudflare by copy and pasting the Nameservers from the second step.
Wait a little while, once all your domains are connected to Cloudflare, you can manage them from the Cloudflare interface.
You will only need to login to your domain registrar when you need to renew them, otherwise you only need to use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is free, and allows you to easily…

Manage & Update your DNS Records
Manage Client’s DNS Records without needing any access or control over their domains.
Create quick and easy email addresses that redirect to your mailbox.
Use caching to improve the loading speed of your pages.
Protect your Website from DDOS Attacks
Implement Firewalls and other security measures.
See Analytics and Traffic details.


Using Cloudflare for DNS management is a highly recommended practice. It simplifies the process by consolidating all your domains into one system and provides numerous benefits. If you need any further assistance or tips, feel free to reach out to our support team for help.

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