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Aeropage Documentation
Editing Pages

Page Editor UI


Choose which theme to use in the current page. By default, it will inherit the theme set in the project dashboard. However, a user can override this setting by choosing a custom theme.

Mode will allow you to override the theme to dark or light mode.


Template / Layout


Allows you to choose which template to choose for the page. It can be inherited from the website configuration or a custom template.

Page Width
Adjust the default maximum width of content in the page.

Template Blocks
Choosing the stop icon will hide the blocks. If the star is chosen, a user can choose which template block to display.

Refer to .

Reset / Refresh State

Use this button to quickly reset the page to its default state, reverting all variables and visibility settings back to their original values.


Data Manager

You can access the data manager from the main dashboard or inside the page editor.


Page Meta & SEO

Here you can customize the page's meta data for sharing on social media and optimizing your visibility on search engines. You can add variables into the meta title and description - which is great for dynamic pages to target a broad range of keywords.


Page Load Actions

Define actions to happen when the page loads, such as conditionally showing a message when the screen is too small, or redirecting the visitor to another page if they are not logged in.


Query Manager

Here you can see all the queries defined in the page, and create or edit them.


Variable Manager

You can access the variable manager from the top of the page.

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