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Prototype Build Service

Thank you for considering our Yearly Builder Pro plan and the complimentary Prototyping service. We are thrilled to assist you in bringing your project to fruition.
To ensure a smooth process, here are the key steps and conditions for your prototype:
1. Plan Purchase: The initial Prototype is free of charge, if you are satisfied with it, then upon purchasing the Yearly Builder Pro plan , we will continue working on it.
2. Wireframe Selection: Choose a wireframe that best suits your project. Options include Shop + Products, Marketplace, Portfolio + Project, Events + Attendance, Booking System, Blog + Articles, Prelaunch Landing, Courses & Learning, among others.
3. Logo and Branding: Share your logo and branding materials with us. If unavailable, we offer a creation service for an additional $99.
4. System Architecture: We need a detailed document outlining each system page and their interactions, preferably in Figma. If unavailable, we offer a creation service for an additional $199.
5. Project Design in Figma: If you lack a design, we offer a creation service for an additional $199.
6. Existing Website: If you have an existing website, we can base the prototype on it, eliminating the need for branding, architecture, or Figma design for an additional $99.
7. Database: If your pages require a database for users or other dynamic content, provide us with an Airtable base with a well-structured database or a CSV for import to Airtable. This service incurs an extra charge of $99.
8. Revisions: After confirming all requirements and provided data, you can request up to 2 additional revisions. Further revisions will cost an extra $50.
9. Prototype Build Time: Once all requirements and data are confirmed, and the Yearly Builder Pro plan is purchased with any additional costs, the prototype build may take up to two weeks.
Additionally, consider the following for an enhanced website:
Content: Provide all necessary text content for each website page.
Images: High-quality, business-relevant images can enhance your website's visual appeal.
Contact Information: Ensure detailed contact information is readily available for your website.
We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you on your project. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please let us know. ​Please note that all costs for the Prototype Build Service are non-refundable.

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