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Publishing & Sharing

Publishing your Project

What is a version?

A version is a bundle of the pages you currently have in the editing system that gets moved to a staging or production database to make it faster to access, and visible on the web. When you create a version, you are also creating a snapshot of your project that can be used to rollback, if a future version has problems.

The preview system uses the subdomain.

Create Versions

When you create a version of your application, it can be previewed on the same architecture as in the production system - so you can fully test and benchmark your project before connecting it to your public domain.


Manage Versions

You can see an earlier version by opening it specifically, and clicking the preview link. From here you can also delete or restore the snapshot to a new project.

Untitled 1.png

After publishing, page may seem slower to load at first because they are not cached.

Preview Pages

You can open each page directly in preview by selecting it in the editor and clicking the preview link icon which will open the latest version. This is especially useful if your website doesn’t have any navigation to the page, or its not yet added.

Untitled 2.png

You may need to reload the page before seeing newly published changes.

Preview Portals

You can open portals in the same way as pages, but the login screen will show. To bypass the login you can create access tokens.

Refer to the guide

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