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Stripe Cart & Checkout

This guide will show you how to make a shopping cart system that can be sent to a stripe checkout with line items.


Create a ‘Stripe Cart’ Collection

In your data sources, create a new → and choose Stripe Cart.


Add to Cart

Use the action and Update Collection whenever you want to update (or add to) the cart.


Map the values to the action, refer to the reference below...


Display the Cart Contents

Because collections are a type of data source, you can query them and connect repeating components such as cards - then add input components and actions to change the values as seen below.

Button for removing an item from the cart


Button for subtracting\adding quantity of an item:

First action - We will need to save the subtracted or added Quantity of the current cart item to a

Second action - In the Send Data action, we will update an item in the cart, by referencing it’s ID in the Data ID field and adding any values that you want to update (in the screenshot below we are updating Item Quantity using the custom variable from the previous action)


You can find premade shopping carts in the block library.


Last step is adding action to a checkout button.

Recurring And One-off Products


If you want to setup a checkout for memberships/subscriptions, you will need to make the cart items recurring. In order to do so you will need to add an Interval field in the action where you are adding items to Stripe Cart.
Optionally you can add an Interval Count field to change the intervals between the each subscription (max Interval is 3 years).


If you want to checkout One-off products, simply don’t include the Interval Field in the payload when updating Cart Items.

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