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Stripe Checkout

When configuring the Stripe Checkout action, you'll encounter several settings fields that need to be properly set up to ensure seamless functionality. Here’s a breakdown of each field and how to configure it:
Stripe Cart:
Description: Choose which Stripe cart from the list of collections to use in the checkout.
Open the Stripe Checkout action settings.
In the "Stripe Cart" field, click the dropdown menu.
Select the appropriate Stripe cart from the list of available collections.
Description: Select which Stripe API key to use for the checkout. If there are no keys available, you can add one using the "Manage Keys" button.
In the "Connection" field, click the dropdown menu.
Select the Stripe API key you wish to use for the checkout process.
If no keys are available:
Click the "Manage Keys" button.
Follow the prompts to add a new Stripe API key.
Once added, select the newly added key from the dropdown menu.
On Success:
Description: Choose an action that happens after a successful checkout. By default, it redirects back to the current page.
In the "On Success" field, click the dropdown menu.
Choose the desired action to occur after a successful checkout. Options may include:
Redirect back to the current page (default).
Custom (TBD).


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