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Dynamic Tools and APIs

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Tools Components


These are the most common components used across most of the tools, each one displays content in a different way - but all can mix static and dynamic values from your records.

Layout & Design

Though there are some limitations because of the basic HTML structure in emails and PDF, you can still make some amazing looking designs using the container component.

Cards & Tables (Dynamic)

We recently updated the tools to work with the cards and table components, meaning you can show lists of records from a view, or linked to the current record.


You can display multiple records as cards or tables inside your html.

Notion Pages

To pull content from a notion page you can use this tool, its a great way to dynamically edit emails or PDF and the images will be automatically replaced with cached versions so they stay visible.


A component to allow PDF to be split into multiple pages.

If you’re using the image generator to export multi-page PDFs,

Emails / Data

A component to allow you to send a predetermined response when the pixel loads, typically embedded in an email to track when it’s opened.

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