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Variables & Inputs

What are Variables?

Variables simply placeholders for values - and are used everywhere to reference dynamic values from your database (backend), in the page (frontend) or from the project and the user environment. You can also create custom variables within the page and use actions to update variables based on events that happen while a user is interacting with your page. Below are some examples of how variables are used.


How to use Variables...

Display on Page
The most common use of variables is just to display them in the page by mapping their values into components, text, images etc. You can do this within almost any component. The variable manager will appear whenever a field accepts variables.

Filter Queries
You can use variables in filters to make them dynamic, either based on some properties of the logged in user, the page they are viewing - or within the page by changing the variables with actions.

Send in Forms
You can use variables to extend form functionality by creating new variables from existing ones and passing variables (rather than user inputs) in form submissions.

Condition / State
Apply conditions that reference variables using the logical conditions group. Now you can use actions to change the variables, which will alter the state and in turn, change the appearance or functions of components, dynamically adjust filters, etc.

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