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Users, Portals & Members

Working with User Data

User State

In the editor you can preview the page as an group member by selecting them from the navigation, you can also access their user record / data in the variable manager.


If you are on a portal this step is required, as non members will only see the login screen.

On public pages you can still control the user login state to create conditonal states on those pages - based on whether a user is logged in or a member or specific groups.

You can use account data to check whether a user is logged in on any page.

User Variables

When you toggle on or off the logged in state, or choose users to work with when editing portals or public pages - new variable groups will become accessible.


Account Data

When someone authenticates in your application, they are confirming their email address. This become their primary form of identification - which is then used to determine whether they are a member (authorized / allowed to access) certain pages and sections of your system. Typically account data is used to check whether an account has a user record, and displays the basic details only (name, id or picture). It cannot be used to display any other data for the user.

In the cookie is a verified email address which is used for authorization on portals.
Allows access to only basic data for the account (id, email) and default fields for any user records.

Accessible on all pages including public ones.

User Record

When a user visits a portal they must first be authenticated, if they are not already. Once authentication is completed the verified email will be used to find the corresponding user record. If the user record is found then the account is authorized to access the portal. The user record gives you access to all field values, which can be used to display, filter, perform actions and apply conditions.

If the user record cannot be found, the account is not considered a member of the group (not authorized).
When found (authorized) the record has all the fields available for the user.
You can access the user record from the variable manager.

Accessible only on portal pages.

User Conditions

The data for accounts and user records can be used in conditional states…

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